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Makeup Classes and Lessons

When it comes to beauty, Marissa has always been a natural educator. Her advanced artistry techniques combined with her innate ability to connect with people makes it fun and easy for her clients to learn how to do a full face of makeup on themselves or on anyone else! It is very rare for Marissa to service a client without telling them what she is doing, why she is doing it, and why they might want to consider adding this technique or product into their everyday makeup routine. Marissa's approach is friendly, inclusive, non-intimidating, and she wants her clients to understand that they too can be their own makeup artist once they sit down with Marissa.

During your lesson, Marissa will provide you and your group with everything you need to make the experience effortless and enjoyable! You will be able to use products from her professional makeup kit and she will provide brushes, makeup tools, and sanitary products. Marissa's makeup classes are completely customizable, so whether you want a one-on-one session that is personalized for your needs and concerns, or you're looking for a group session for a girl's night out or birthday party, Marissa has you covered. Having planned and executed almost 100 beauty events, Marissa will work with you to ensure the theme, atmosphere, location, and of course education meets all of your needs. The options are endless. 

Individual Makeup Lesson Ideas

-Age Appropriate Makeup for Teens

-Aging Gracefully/Fabulous over 50

-Full Face 101- How to complete a full face of makeup based on your individual needs and concerns

-Trend Watch- How to perfect the hottest and latest trends in the industry

-Transgender: Learning how to do makeup for the first time

Group Makeup Lesson Ideas

-Birthday Parties for Teens

-Birthday Parties for Adults

-Girl's Night Out/Bachelorette Parties

-Dance Moms


Please contact Marissa for makeup class pricing

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